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When you hear “Wedding”, you think about the ‘biggest day of your life’. Magazines start being purchased. Pins start getting pinned. Your Dream Wedding. Perfection. Love.

But how do you get all those Pins to materialize? There are So. Many. Details. And not just about the decorations or styling. But, who IS actually bringing the ice? And the caterer is bringing the food, yes... But are they also providing serving dishes, or is the food coming in those wrinkly tin pans?

Ron's catering at an intimate wedding on the Rogue River

Two words. Event Coordinator. Yes, it adds to the budget. But in the end, it’s priceless.

We often get couples coming to us looking for a little something. Maybe they want some decor and aren’t sure how to put it all together. Or they’ve started planning and there are some aspects that they can’t figure out. We love getting in there and making it work! It’s what we live for! One of my favorite memories from this last summer was a family that came in for rentals. They had planned most of their day (or so they thought!) and needed some final touches. We met with them and decided on what props, lighting and décor they wanted. And then we offered to set it up and provide Day Of coordination. Of course they had to think about it. It was more than they had planned to spend by doing it themselves. After mulling it over, they hired us...

And here is where my favorite part comes in.

We showed up on Wednesday to do some preliminary stage setting (yes, Wednesday!) We worked all day Thursday. And twelve hours on Friday. And fifteen hours on Saturday. And you know what the family did? They visited with their out of town guests. They tinkered with the landscaping. They got their last minute hair clips and matching lipsticks. They did the things that they wanted and needed to do As The Wedding Party. They enjoyed themselves.

Meanwhile we put up the lights for the dance floor and hung chandeliers in the tree. We brought our beautiful Vineyard Crossback chairs (because we love them!). We set the tables, and worked with the caterer to upgrade the presentation of the food. We built the charcuterie, placed the flowers, and coordinated the ceremony. After dinner we cleared the tables. Made sure the champagne was out for the toast. Cleared the buffet away for dancing. And sliced the cake. Thirty years in the event industry is invaluable when working an event! Could they have done some of that themselves? Of course.

But watching them sit by the pool having drinks with their loved ones, relax into the evening care-free, and dance the night away: Priceless.

*Photos by LhanaMarie Photography and Magination Images

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