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The Holidays

The holidays are always a busy time for us. We do a large Christmas decoration install during Thanksgiving week, followed by a huge Employee party, a Christmas Gala, a big New Year's Eve set up.... It goes so fast! And then the kids are out of school for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. Oy Vey. But we managed to go on a couple hikes, and did a family painting night, which was super fun!

Family Painting Night!

Then, because we love what we do, we added a sizeable rental out for a doctor's retirement party. And a little "Around the World" wedding project. And a glitzy family dinner party for 14. All in one week. Actually, all in the 3 days leading up to New Year's Eve. I don't always know how it all gets done, but we manage. Ron is a super hard worker. Maybe a miracle worker. Not only is he the muscle, he is the creative power behind it all too! This weekend we will be taking down that big Christmas install. And then... nothing. Nothing. Well, except installing huge shelving in our warehouse to hold the chairs and boxes. And reorganizing it. Before the 27th. Which is the next Bridal Show, which we are super excited about!! But heck, that's 3 weeks away. need a nap.


We incorporated some of our vintage globes, suitcases, and airplanes (among other things,,, moderation is not our strong suit!) into their burgandy and gold color theme to create a gallery table which was adorned with photos of the bride and groom throughout their lives.

One of our favorite props, is our collection we call "The Wedding Books." They are two suitcases full of nice old vintage hard cover book, with titles like "To Love and to Honor", "How He Won Her," and "Romeo and Juliet". They add such a sweet and romantic touch. Anywhere.


Here are a couple shots from the private dinner party. It was for 14, for a gentleman and his visiting family and friends. Taken with, alas, my phone. But still. Pretty.


And finally, the Piece de Resistance. New Year's Eve. In gold.

Have a happy and blessed New Year! From On The Side.

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