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Movin' In

Well, it's begun! We've started moving our rental props into the warehouse-soon-to-be-showroom. This is no small feat! We've been doing events out of our barn / driveway / storage building for over 20 years. This. Stuff. Is. Everywhere.

But you've got to start somewhere. Our twig tables are in. A few of the columns, the lamp posts, and some cute white shabby furniture. In. Some tables we need to paint. In. Vintage olive buckets, suitcases, planters. In. But there is oh so much more. We started putting together shelving that will hold vintage silver candle sticks, tulle, table top stuff, silverware. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what we have. It sounds silly. But when we do a party, we just get stuff until it looks great.

There are Mexican Cinco de Mayo props. And Christmas decor. Garden themed stuff. Lodge - oh yes lodge theme....

Just wait, I know there's more.

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