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Just a little cupcake stand.

We had the opportunity to create some food stations for a 'reception' last week. Not a wedding reception, more like a Thank You party. There were 5 areas all together, which means lots of backdrops. It's not easy to decorate inside a huge white tent, the scale alone can be a challenge! But when you're a junker, you've got stuff. And by "junker" I mean curator and collector of all things cool and awesome. Parts. Pieces. Piles. Boards. Panels. Vintage treasures. We had fun with the cupcake station. Panels, columns, vintage ladders and suitcases, white shabby carts and tables. And a fun white and aqua vintage cosco stool. What a fun display. Our favorite part was the lighting we added, really bringing some great warmth to it. Imagine it filled with treats! Yumm :)

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